Bluesmart solar manufacture our solar street light under strict quality control and we own high-quality patents, mono solar panel and LiFePO4 lithium battery also produced by ourselves.
Led Chip
Salt Spray Test
Solar Panel Automatic Stringer
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Test
LiFePO4 Lithium Battery Production
LiFePO4 Battery Raw Material
Solar Panel Production
Cell Stringing Solar Panel
Solar Cell String Welding
Bifacial Solar Panel Test
Solar Panel Laminator
LiFePO4 Battery 36hrs Recycle Test
Aging Test At Outside

IES Test 1

IES Test 2

Dark Room Ies

Fly Hawk Aging Test

FP All In One Solar Lighting Aging Test

FP All In One Solar Street Light Charging Test
FP Light Discharging Test
Solar Airship Light Aging Test
Solar Flat Light Discharging Test

Solar Flat Light With Camera Test

Solar Flat Street Light Discharging Test

Solar Fly Hawk Light Aging Test

Solar Moon Light Discharging Test
Solar Street Light With Camera Aging Test
Solar Swan Light Charging Test

FP Light Aging Test
FF Solar Flood Light Discharging Test

FP Solar Street Light Package

Solar Airship Light Package

Solar Fly Hawk Light Package

Solar FP Street Light Package
Solar Garden Light Packaging
Solar Moon Light Package
Semi-Finished Products
P Series Solar Street Light Package
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